I’ve loved the digital world since I got my first computer. I was obsessed with writing and graphics. It seemed as if I could create another reality, detached from the first. Then I realized that I could combine them.

Since 2014, I have worked as a digital content creator for hundreds of clients. I’ve created more than thirty thousand content, including texts, photos and video posts.

I won a team SEO contest on SEMrush and I saw my content broadcast on TV shows.

I continue to improve my skills; but in the meantime i’m always enthusiastic and passionate about cinema, travel and good food.



  • Diploma Liceo Classico Nicola Spedalieri di Catania
  • Frequenza triennale in Lettere Classiche – Università degli Studi di Catania
  • Laurea triennale in Scienze della comunicazione – Università degli Studi di Catania
  • Attività di laboratorio – Donne e Mafia – Università degli Studi di Catania
  • Tirocinio formativo – Taormina Book Festival
  • Tirocinio formativo – Taormina Film Festival
  • Corso di formazione in Content Creation – Empress Media & News
  • Corso di formazione in Brand Positioning – Fare Brand
  • Corso Gender and Sexuality: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace tenuto da University of Pittsburgh
  • Corso di Social Media Marketing e Facebook ADS con Giulio Rosati, ex-brand manager di L’Oréal Italia
  • Corso di Content Marketing con Luca Mastella – CEO Learnn
  • Corso Be a Content Marketing, SEO & Copywriting Expert con Tomas Moravek
  • Corso di Funnel Marketing con Luca Mastella – CEO Learnn