My services:

  • Brand analysis:

You need a creative who helps your business. You want to find the latest trends and to engage customers. I study your scope and how to achieve your business objectives. I am always up to date!

  • Content strategy:

You need a plan for your website, your social media, your email, etc. I develop a plan and design content for your website, blog, online newspaper, social media, email subscribers, etc. I’ll design original post to increase the traffic of your website and the interaction on social media.

  • Content creation:

You want a creative who plans content for all your web media. I’m a highly skilled writer and I’m pretty good with photo and video editing. I create and plan content for all your web media like SEO blog posts and storytelling articles

  1. social media post

  2. surveys

  3. infographics

  4. website and social media photos and video

  5. newsletter

  • Promotion:

You need content sharing on social media. I know how to find the best communities to grow your business. I’m very steady and determined. I share your content and I track project progress.

  • Support:

You want a creative who never misses a trick. I’m resourceful and enterprising.